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Fulsome means excessive or insincere and not generous.
The singer's fulsome answer included some handy tips: "The Paso Doble is usually their movement simulating the bull fighting so do it with bravado, or bullvado, conviction and passion."
Ushaw President Fr John Marsland said: "His Royal Highness was very interested in what is happening here and fulsome in his praise of what has been done so far."
Fulsome praise from Gerrard has helped give Ryan new-found confidence
Amina is very enthusiastic about combing Western and Eastern artistic forms through her works with scientifically and psychology of colours at its extreme, she plays with fulsome energy with heavy strokes, knife work and as well, in extravagant manner
And Hazard was fulsome in his praise of the Manchester United striker."I think the guy deserves everything," he added.
Health Minister Dr George Pamboridis gave fulsome praise to local charity Cans For Kids at the opening of a photographic exhibition at the CVAR Severis Foundation on Friday evening.
Everton chairman Bill Kenwright said: "There's little that I could ever add to the tributes to Bradley, that have already been fulsome throughout the world of football - and onwards."
seen that Brussels propose to demand from this country seem to me to be extortionate and I think 'to go whistle' is an entirely appropriate expression" Boris Johnson on Brexit "One of my teenage diaries has fulsome fizzing reports of every conversation, thought and feeling until mid-March, when an entry on the 18th reads: 'Washed hair"' Dawn French My life's work is in part dedicated to getting washing machines out of the kitchen" Kirstie Allsopp who has been accused of snobbery for saying it is "disgusting" to have a washing machine in the kitchen My son is a high-quality person and I applaud his transparency" President Donald Trump on Donald Trump Jr's meeting with a Russian lawyer
"One of my teenage diaries has fulsome fizzing reports of every single conversation, thought and feeling about every friend, every crush, every meal, every argument until mid-March, when the entry on the 18th simply reads: 'Washed hair"' - Dawn French.
Arter was booked in the second half for a fulsome challenge on Darren Fletcher, but avoided an early exit despite shoving Gareth McAuley off the ball before the break.