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But the anti-minority sentiment is not absent; it was simply well-handled, with the BJP's leader, Narendra Modi, winking toward that part of his party's beliefs but speaking fulsomely about the need for economic growth.
Far from being a sad sap whom nobody loves, as his autobiography suggests, Morrissey has in fact provided the soundtrack to our downbeat era: everyone from British PM David Cameron to modern-day Hollywood has fulsomely embraced his music and the Smiths' back catalogue.
In addition, the book is fulsomely illustrated, making it a pleasure to view as well as read.
As it was understood by Progressive Educators, 'free play' embodied the hope of a democratic childhood: if children played fulsomely and creatively, their sense of self within a community would enable them to grow to be mentally healthy adults.
The report said that confidence in Duminy's ability to aid the bowling cause quite fulsomely is only growing, which is a wonderful development when you consider that a certain Jacques Kallis, another key batsman who also bowls smartly, is in his twilight.
After his son Joseph succeeded him in power, however, Congo has been fulsomely engaged by a range of international actors.
Kings captain Dustin Brown agreed fulsomely, saying: "Quickie had to be really good for us, but the way he played is no surprise to anybody.
But from this wreckage emerged a player who would fulsomely reward the visiting fans who stayed on.
It is merely a first step in the gathering of views and presumably any recommendations will be fulsomely and lengthily debated in parliament and addressed by the government before any laws or regulations are enacted.
Indeed, this was also the prevailing nationalist attitude towards industrial development, as discussed most fulsomely by Mary E.
Act of Valor is that film, and it delivers fulsomely on this promise.
And like our creaky and imperiled democracy, the whole gruesome enterprise depends on a veneer of fulsomely earnest seriousness to hide the dirty fingerprints.