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Unless your company is a social media company like Facebook, which means you're struggling as virtually every such company in this sector is with fulsomely monetizing the myriad social interactions for which you are the 'umbrella,' then you probably think that for your company, social media is the greatest thing since white rice--and that this new corporate manna will readily bring you untold benefits and perhaps even additional profit.
Indeed, this was also the prevailing nationalist attitude towards industrial development, as discussed most fulsomely by Mary E.
Act of Valor is that film, and it delivers fulsomely on this promise.
And like our creaky and imperiled democracy, the whole gruesome enterprise depends on a veneer of fulsomely earnest seriousness to hide the dirty fingerprints.
It is this Red Army that Klein and Elliott so fulsomely describe and flesh out with plenty of new information.
If the organisers are to have any chance of getting paying customers along to another event they need a) to fulsomely apologise for this year's fiasco and b) categorically state that things will run smoothly next time.
He laughed readily and fulsomely and infected others with his humour.
Her pace is leisurely, and she comments even-handedly and fulsomely on all of them, providing ample space for discussion of even the most obscure of the short stories.
Terry Tempest Williams quotes fulsomely from natives in the essay I reference above, although she quotes naively and seemingly without filter; scientists are mixed in with random people in bars as well as those she admits are clearly drunk.
In its drive toward severe numerical reduction of nuclear weapons as a prelude to complete abolition, the current administration will increase nuclear instability and proliferation even as it fulsomely congratulates itself for having done the opposite.
10) Hayden White has addressed this general issue most fulsomely in works like Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth Century, Europe (Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1973).
The Israeli government liked what it was hearing; Netanyahu even went on Meet the Press last summer to praise the Green movement fulsomely.