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As a reaction formation to what is at once potentially violent (canons do bear down, conquistadors do terrible things) the sonnet does possess, as Levinson points out, a fulsomeness (Levinson 12).
And most engagingly, Hamlet qualifies his fulsomeness, which has made Horatio uncomfortable: "Something too much of this" (3.
Mahler's Kindertotenlieder, a rarity for tenors, drew disembodied, baritonal timbres from Kaufman, only rarely flowering into tenorial fulsomeness at phrases of the deepest exaltation in these 'Songs on the Death of Children'; the remarkable acoustic permits such withdrawn tones even when accompanied by a large orchestra (though scoring often has the sparsity of chamber music).
Perhaps the international art critic who proclaims the diaristic, confessional virtues of Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon should be able to recognize those same qualities in Salle's work - although, to be honest, Salle's confessional mode is way too French, too nasty and acidic (a la Bataille) and totally lacking in the bogus, John Bull fulsomeness of Freud's and Bacon's angst.
Above the huge pit matters were not quite so successful, the fulsomeness of the scoring often forcing singers to overstretch their voices to the brink of unattractiveness.