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In that case, organic companies may fumigate herbs with dioxide or freeze them.
Formosan termites may not worry about moth holes in their sweaters, but they are the first insects discovered to fumigate their nests with naphthalene.
According to a press release issued here on Friday, the Mayor ordered the staff to fumigate at least 2 union committees (UCs) of the HMC every day.
They should be made to compensate for every item gone to waste and, where householders claim homes have been infested after getting the furniture, they should fumigate every property and offer compensation.
Methyl bromide (MeBr) is a toxic gas used to fumigate agricultural fields and some produce.
Do the people who run the bus companies fumigate the buses to try and get rid of the germs that are carried by passengers?
Since log age was implicated in the development of gray stain, it might be important to fumigate red beech logs in a fresher condition to further improve stain control by elimination of enzymes or precursors produced in parenchyma cells.
The primary use for this chemical is to fumigate soil to destroy soilborne pests.