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Chemical Fumigation in Health care facilities has been widely used because environment plays an important role in Health-Care Associated Infections.
Nearly 40 RWAs across Delhi, mainly in north and east Delhi have purchased the machines and have begun the fumigation drive on their own.
Treated soil is covered with plastic tarps during the fumigation application.
Also read: Dengue fumigation: Punjab Health, Local Bodies, School secretaries made OSDIn a similar incident on Thursday, 120 school girls in Jand district of Attock were rushed to the hospital following an anti-dengue fumigation at their school.
Currently, its primary use is in agricultural settings for soil fumigation and in greenhouses, warehouses, and ships (2).
Liu used varying concentrations of oxygen at 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit and found that oxy-genated phosphine fumigation was also effective in controlling leafminer pupae,grape mealybug eggs, and Indianmeal moth eggs and pupae.
Agricultural Research Station in Salinas, California, is working on low-temperature fumigation with phosphine as an alternative to methyl bromide for control of pests on harvested fresh fruits and vegetables.
The AWBI has taken up the issue with CWC as it is one of the leading warehousing companies in India that offers fumigation services to the CSIA and other airports in the country.
But since then, it has been developed so that, as well as being organic and in some cases, cheaper than fumigation, it is now so much quicker that it can save food producers days in lost production for every infestation.
Mr Elebert added: "Unlike fumigation, with heat, whole factories and production lines don't have to be closed altogether while the work is ongoing.
The story, titled "The Mystery of the Coca Plant That Wouldn't Die," details the emergence of coca plants that are resistant to the primary chemical used in the fumigation (glyphosate, or Roundup).
The research conceded that the herbicide caused temporary irritation in the eyes and skin on those who were sprayed, but they claimed ill effects on the environment from deforestation and burning of crops as well as insecticides used for coca cultivation were worse than fumigation.