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The fumigation process will be undertaken in evening hours and all district and administrators municipal commissioners will personally supervise the campaign.
For several reasons, soil fumigation must be carefully managed.
The additional space allows us to expand our heating and fumigation service capabilities and provide a valuable service to our clients, especially those involved in food processing, distribution and agriculture," says Brian Kalbfleisch, Sprague district manager for Oregon and Southwest Washington.
Agricultural Research Station in Salinas, California, is working on low-temperature fumigation with phosphine as an alternative to methyl bromide for control of pests on harvested fresh fruits and vegetables.
The AWBI has taken up the issue with CWC as it is one of the leading warehousing companies in India that offers fumigation services to the CSIA and other airports in the country.
12, Colombia would begin "the manual eradication phase and end the fumigation phase and, therefore, there is a good stimulus to begin implementing the agreement between the presidents [Uribe and Correa].
But since then, it has been developed so that, as well as being organic and in some cases, cheaper than fumigation, it is now so much quicker that it can save food producers days in lost production for every infestation.
Mr Elebert added: "Unlike fumigation, with heat, whole factories and production lines don't have to be closed altogether while the work is ongoing.
The story, titled "The Mystery of the Coca Plant That Wouldn't Die," details the emergence of coca plants that are resistant to the primary chemical used in the fumigation (glyphosate, or Roundup).
The company plans to expand its fumigation business with a view to acquiring an 80% share of the domestic market by 2010.
The 2 strategies are the fumigation approach used after the 2001 postal anthrax attack and a HEPA/vaccine plan, which relies on HEPA vacuuming, HEPA air cleaners, and vaccination of reoccupants.
The aerial fumigation program is part of a multi-billion dollar counter-narcotics effort known as Plan Colombia.