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Overall, 230 fumigations (85%) were 20 or fewer acres.
Next, we summarized the number of fumigations and treated acreage by method (drip/chemigation, or broadcast) and tarp type (60% or other).
Currently, its primary use is in agricultural settings for soil fumigation and in greenhouses, warehouses, and ships (2).
There are few workable options to kill the pests, and methyl bromide fumigation is the most common one.
The Asociacion Latinoamericano de Derechos Humanos (ALDHU) delivered a report to Ecuadoran officials in June documenting supposed toxic components Colombia was using in its fumigations.
These fumigations are going after the lowest people on the chain," says Arenas.
helicopters and contractors in a campaign of aerial fumigation, which, since 1996, has also destroyed food crops and farm animals, ruined water supplies and caused severe health problems.
funded fumigation and militarization of the southern region of the country.
During research, attention focused on designing a system to fit current procedures for typical commodity fumigations.
The same day that the Environmental Defense Council announced that a Ventura strawberry grower would not fumigate his field with methyl bromide, the Department of Pesticide Regulation said it would permit further fumigation at a Camarillo farm.
Whole-structure fumigation with Vikane(R) gas fumigant is the only proven solution for 100-percent control of drywood termite infestations throughout an entire structure, including infestations hidden in inaccessible areas.
Under terms of the agreement, International Fumigators has agreed to provide and perform all necessary fumigation services worldwide for Food Safety Systems.