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A friend of Paula's told me: "She got a fumigator to clean the Chelsea house because visitors had been complaining of flea bites on their legs.
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation, testing, demonstration, training and commissioning of laboratory instruments; Fumigator (Fogger) Horizontal Electrophoresis Apparatus (along with power pack and necessary casting unit).
Supply of Fumigator (Fogger), Horizontal Electrophoresis Apparatus (along with power pack and necessary casting unit), Water Bath, CO2 Incubator, Deep Freezer (-20AC) (Vertical), Microplate Reader, Inverted Microscope, Chiller Plant (Replacement), Data Logger System, Water Bath with Circulation, Class II type A2 Biosafety Cabinets.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Pharma Machinery And Lab Equipments 1 Emergency light 2 Clean Garment Cabinet 3 Fumigator 4 Tray Dryer 5 Air Curtain 6 Dynamic Pass Boxes 7 HPLC Columns 8 Room Type Incubator
Tenders are invited for Portable Fumigator Fogging Machine With Liquid Sanitizer
Tenders are invited for Supply of elecrtic fumigator
There are still 30 percent of reluctant houses that do not allow the fumigators and inspectors to enter so they can place the larvicide in the containers with water," he said.
According to Dengue Response Unit, the team members comprising of health experts, fumigators and entomologists found dengue larvae in 1074 houses which were destroyed.
BARELY few days after leaders hit Delhi's streets with fumigators apparently to fight off dengue and chikungunya, an I NDIA T ODAY reality check has found their action was nothing more than political posing.
If the fumigators don't find the young insects before they mature in 10 days, they will form swarms of locusts in search of food.
Fumigators in Argentina have continued their efforts to exterminate the locusts as farmers warned their crops may already be too damaged to be salvaged.
Expressing his admiration of the site, Ibrahim Al-Muhaiteb said: "This place is wonderful and I visit it every now and then to buy some pottery products such as fumigators and heaters for myself and as gifts for others.