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Fumigators are applicators who control pests using poisonous gasses called fumigants.
Martinez goes further, saying, "I dream that a motto will emerge here that will have global reach: attention soy fumigators, poultry abattoirs, large and small cities, wood or pulp processors, the time of reckoning is at hand.
2001), fumigators exposed to sulfuryl fluoride but not those exposed to methyl bromide (Anger et al.
Fumigators sprayed disinfectant Wednesday throughout the 92 elementary schools of Sakai, the Japanese city hardest hit by a deadly form of food poisoning apparently spread through school lunches.
BE) announced today that the Company has entered into a marketing agreement with International Fumigators, Inc.
Tenders are invited for Equipments for hospital use general in nature such as wheel chairs trolleys syringe cum needle destroyers etc plus others such as EC G machines, BP apparatus, fumigators nubulizers alcohol breath analyser etc
Such agents (and worker groups exposed) could include chemical substances (beauticians, chemical plant workers, fumigators, gas station attendants, painters, and welders), toxic fumes (airport personnel; bus, cab, and truck drivers; dry cleaners; factory workers; industrial and household cleaners; and manicurists), and organic wastes and/or particulates (agricultural workers, dental workers, farmers, miners, and textile workers).
Department of Agriculture (USDA) for two Fumigators and one Sterilization System.
has entered into an agreement with Texas-based International Fumigators Inc.
Believe me, there'd be no point in Black Rod squirting some air freshener around the place, nor calling in fumigators.