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According to FMI's analysis, increasing urbanisation and rise in disposable income are some of the macro-economic factors driving growth of the global functional films market.
Weight management and heart health are the two key health concerns that will boost the growth of functional food and drink sales over the next three years.
Participants more often identified the correct case-related functional hypothesis for the client's problem behavior (M = 75%, SD = 22) than selecting effective treatments (M = 61%, SD = 18.
The 2006 proposed regulations generally apply to a "Section 987 QBU," which is defined to mean an entity that conducts trade or business activities in a functional currency different from the functional currency of its individual or corporate owner.
There is no dearth of functional training enthusiasts who insist that the complexity and integrative variables (e.
When most of us see or hear a term like "integrated acquisition," we immediately think of functional integration through IPTs--integrated product teams.
The consolidation of data to KPIs and its visualization is often still deployed in a data-centric view that places it in a functional silo.
23 New England Journal of Medicine that a drug called itopride relieves symptoms of functional dyspepsia significantly better than a placebo does.
The first component, the provider of health care, is a familiar functional role.
The main section, titled All About Functional Genomics, is an assemblage of links to relevant outside resources such as "omics" glossaries and the Department of Energy Genomes to Life program.
Unfortunately, it is unlikely that these impairments will be identified without specialized tests of functional ability.
This annual event is said to provide a unique forum for users and producers of reinforcing fillers for thermoplastics, as well as thermosets, to focus on the new opportunities emerging for increased use of functional fillers in polymer systems, according to the sponsor.

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