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This functional layer, like the intestinal villi it resembles, has a very high surface area.
The functional layer Is applied to the panel using a high performance laser, plasma or other techniques and bonds to the board during processing via an invisible adhesion joint.
MMT defines three functional layers that are independent from video codecs and transport networks- media processing unit(MPU) format, signaling messages, and delivery protocol[2][3].
Although the functional layer of stretch film comprises only about 10-15% of the total film composition, the properties of the material in that layer are said to be key to overall performance.
The functional layer has access to detailed data from the hardware and often performs complex numerical calculations on those to determine responses or provide data to the layers above.
Other PUR-CSM processes enable the production of filler-reinforced components and of heavy layers for acoustic insulation, and sprayed skins for surface finishing of parts or for producing functional layers.
this is the presentation routes of the input materials and the modification of the surface layer of the landfill, which arise fugitive emissions, by applying technological functional layer coating composition which is intended for temporary or permanent reduction of dust capability temporary or permanent closure surface.
GE T5 Starcoat([R]) Ecolux([R]) 3500 K fluorescent lamps, mounted in the stair stringers, provide a functional layer of light while accentuating the shape of the stairway.
Within the suite the plug-and-play functional Layer 1 library allows for easy customization and portability to any processor platform, and is readily convertible to FPGA and System-on-Chip (SoC) approaches.
Functional Layer 1 - n - Printing is done one layer at a time (semiconductor, conductor, insulator, resistor and dielectric), each deposited using an advanced printing system.
Women~s Hospital in 1975 graduated from the L-section will be renovated, extended and increased by a functional layer.

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