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A total of 5,297 subjects were enrolled under the Condition and/or Functional Limitation definition (Criteria A); 3,151 enrolled under the Condition and/or Functional Limitation and Utilization definition (Criteria B); and 1,447 enrolled under the Condition and Functional Limitation and Utilization definition (Criteria C).
Variables significantly related to fatigue impact were entered simultaneously: MS functional limitation, depressive symptoms, barriers to health promotion, personal resources, and health promoting behaviors.
This fourteen items proforma explains the positive and negative effects on the health of the oral cavity in seven domains namely functional limitations physical pain psychological discomfort physical disability psychological disability social disability and handicap.
Regressions analyses were used to assess for associations between balanced integration and functional limitation in the full sample and within groups.
This may help promote greater understanding of impairment and functional limitations these cause and allow proper monitoring and evaluation of all aspects, activities and stages of similar programmes.
Like other limitations, functional limitations exist on a wide range of levels of generality.
The study demonstrated that the pregnancy-related back pain which had low pain intensity and caused low functional limitation did not have an impact on the pregnant women\'s quality of life, however decreased their physical ability.
With DED Without DED Mean ([+ or -] SD) Mean ([+ or -] SD) [CPQ.sub.11-14] 18.20 (13.33) 18.70 (14.32) (overall scale) Domains Oral Symptoms 5.43 (3.50) 6.07 (3.55) Functional Limitation 4.88 (4.20) 4.36 (4.28) Emotional Well-Being 5.06 (5.97) 5.15 (6.35) Social Well-Being 2.80 (3.30) 3.11 (4.16) RR Unadj.
Functional limitations are understood to be the impairments in physical, behavioral, or emotional functioning that result directly from disability.
For Impairment-targeted interventions, functional impact will be identified more easily with measures of Capability/ Functional Limitation or Capacity than with measures of Performance.
We calculated the percentage of respondents who attended church weekly or more often by race and by presence of one or more functional limitations. Next, we examined differences between African American and white participants with one or more functional limitation in church attendance, total number of functional limitations, sociodemographic characteristics, physical health measures, mental health measures, social support measures, and religiousness measures.
To its credit, Higgs's show never seemed in thrall of Knowles's difference." Yet there's no denying that the championing of functional limitation as a form of creative exceptionalism plays out a wish-fulfillment scenario for the art world.

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