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It has also been decided to enhance and improve the security surveillance in the cities so that ministers and other functionaries need not use escorts and pilots within city limits.
Civil society is also critically important for making people aware of the need and value of the rule of law, as well as apprising government institutions and functionaries of the state about the importance and their respective role(s) in ensuring the rule of law.
Hopefully, the public functionaries will not deny the right to get better education from the institutions established in the Punjab or at the Federal Capital treating Baloch and Pakhtun students at par with others.
The program is targeted at Mid to Senior Level HR Functionaries.
After we will cater all our barangays functionaries in the province, we will gladly welcome barangay functionaries from other provinces, Tagalo added.
Corresponding organisational functionaries had been appointed at the level of individual panchayats, blocks, and districts.
The main Jewish functionaries were deported to Theresienstadt, while Jews in mixed marriages (approximately 13,000 by July 1944) were controlled under a new Residual Association.
He added: "The frequency of such cases coming to this court raises questions whether the rule of law exists in the state and whether the functionaries of the government and local self-government are even aware that villagers also have some constitutional rights, no less precious and sacred than for a high functionary like the present petitioner," the judge said.
The senior NPF leader also disclosed that many of their party functionaries as well as their MLAs in many areas and constituencies worked against one another leading to the defeat of many potential and winnable party candidates.
After the war, the few returning survivors often remembered and blamed the Jewish functionaries rather than members of the SS; several of the functionaries were sentenced to long prison terms.
Kutev, one of the most seasoned functionaries of the BSP in the last years, caused an outrage among the ranks of his own party with the botched comparison in which he apparently sought to demonstrate the power and "contagiousness" of socialism by declaring that it gets transmitted sexually and/or is hereditary.
The procedure of appointing state functionaries will be carried out in keeping with the procedures of every institution separately.