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This richer perspective is important when considering how family leisure influences family functioning, particularly when using a family systems framework to understand family functioning.
Freeman & Zabriskie 2003; Hill, Freeman, & Huff 2001; Smith, Taylor, Hill, & Zabriskie 2004; Zabriskie & McCormick 2001) have reported a significant relationship between family leisure involvement and family cohesion, adaptability, and overall family functioning from a system's perspective.
The committee that published the criteria held that any organ that no longer functions, nor has the possibility of functioning again, is, for all practical purposes, dead.
Specifically regarding individuals with CFS, interruption in their functioning varies.
Over a 5-year period, employees of both sexes who felt that their on-the-Job efforts had failed to generate appropriate career advancement or promotions exhibited the poorest overall functioning, contend epidemiologist Stephen A.
As such, it is important to provide the patient with information about how their sexual response and sexual functioning can be affected after spinal cord injuries and for healthcare professionals to know where to refer patients who are in need of further information.
Negative symptoms may affect vocational functioning in other ways.
On several different measures of how well immune system cells are functioning, the separated and divorced women showed lower responses than the married women, Kiecolt-Glaser reported this week in Philadelphia at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Research on psychometric approaches, particularly those related to measurement of cognitive-intellectual functioning of Mexican Americans, have been equivocal in their results.