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Figure 1 illustrates how family adaptation, similar to family adjustment, occurs along a continuum of outcomes that reflect family efforts to achieve a balance in functioning. The positive end of the continuum, called bonadaptation, is characterized by (a) positive physical and mental health of individual family members, (b) the continued facilitation and promotion of individual member development, (c) optimal role functioning of individual members, (d) the maintenance of a family unit that can accomplish its life-cycle tasks, and (e) the maintenance of family integrity and sense of control over environmental influence.
Wilmot, Cope, Hall and Acker (1985) found results of decreased cognitive functioning similar to Davidoff et al.
Since most persons with disabilities continue to live with their families, it is reasonable to expect that family members can provide the most salient historical and current information on the client's functioning. There are four major goals, consequently, for counselors when they are able to have family contact during this phase.
Additionally, performance on the PMT has been shown to be significantly correlated with intellectual functioning on the Wechsler scale and PPVT
It's much easier to maintain good health and functioning rather than trying to regain it.
This richer perspective is important when considering how family leisure influences family functioning, particularly when using a family systems framework to understand family functioning.
Financial risks are important, but operational risk and control processes that are not functioning right also can put you out of business.
Women whose partners knew of the pregnancy reported a significantly lower level of functioning (on emotional, cognitive, social and work scales) and more symptoms (of fatigue, nausea and vomiting, appetite loss and insomnia) than participants whose partners were unaware of the pregnancy.
The committee that published the criteria held that any organ that no longer functions, nor has the possibility of functioning again, is, for all practical purposes, dead.
The [FEV.sub.1], or amount of air expelled in the first second of blowing, measures how well the large and medium-sized airways in the lung are functioning, explains Gauderman, whereas the MMEF measures small airway function.
Physical functioning also is crucial to officers--they must be able to see, hear, walk, run, jump, climb fences, or crouch.
Says Aylor-Robbins, "...We work to create programs for people of all cognitive functioning levels, and this particular program was specifically designed for lower cognitive functioning residents."