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Instead the shares must be purchased from, and sold back to, the fund itself.
When choosing mutual fund investments, investors must consider the fund's tax efficiency ha view of their particular tax situation.
By allowing big players to make special trades, fund managers stood to gain by taking an increased share of the profits of larger clients and by generating income from fees charged for executing the trades.
The SEC certainly found out something was wrong by last spring, when a regional office was contacted by a whistleblower about questionable practices at a major fund.
Endowment income will be used to fund Teacher Enrichment Grants for teachers from the state of Idaho and the MTNA Northwest Division.
According to hedge fund advisor Hennessee Group, hedge funds have outperformed domestic stock mutual funds in 12 of the past 14 years.
However, the Citizens Global Equity Fund, with a 13.
It was, in fact, one of those hot young fund managers who would soon come to personify this shift--whose fate as a Fidelity fund manager would seem, afterward, to mark the moment when the marketers had triumphed.
Before recommending a client invest in a hedge fund, CPAs should understand some basic facts about the funds.