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The chief justice asked senior lawyers to file petitions raising issues related to violation of fundamental rights.
Congress leader KTS Tulsi also slammed the Centre for contradictory stance and said the central government was never in favour of making privacy a fundamental right.
Davidow, Arnott Use Apple to Argue Their Fundamental Point
Fundamental Learning Center has grown more than 40,000 young readers since the Center opened 13 years ago.
For example: Are the four basic forces of nature--the electromagnetic force, the weak force that controls nuclear decays, the strong force that holds atomic nuclei together, and gravity--variations of a single, more fundamental force?
In contrast to the improving fundamentals in a number of the major emerging market economies, all too many of the developed economies have allowed their economic fundamentals to deteriorate in a disturbing manner.
Phase measurements are used to study the magnetic, nuclear, and structural properties of materials, as well fundamental questions in quantum physics.
Based on the knowledge profile, we can define the fundamental sign as
The alternative PIPE deal is called a "technical deal," where investors invest based not upon "actuals" but on future prospects, and thus prefer equity ownership down the road, at liquidation, when the firm's fundamentals are likely to be stronger.
These fundamentals are an important first step toward educating all Americans about the importance of responsible credit management," said Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Wayne A.
According to Matthay, loveliness in the quality of sound depends largely on the string's vibrations tending toward simple, regular movement, like that of the fundamental where the string vibrates along its full length rather than compound, irregular movements when the string vibrates in smaller sections.

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