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The report also pointed out that laws governing the exercise of fundamental freedoms continue to be implemented arbitrarily.
The undertaking of inclusion of fundamental rights was filed through a reply by the managing director of the board.
While maintaining its appreciation for the enforcement of fundamental rights, the SC must also appreciate constitutional separation of powers between the judiciary and the executive.
The sincerity of their interest in issues beyond the judiciary is not doubted however, one may question their appreciation for our constitutional separation-of-powers: Should a judge abolish a tax on phone cards or fix the price of sugar as a matter of 'fundamental rights'?
Commenting on the Supreme Court's verdict in which it declined to refer the Ram Mandir- Babri Masjid case to a larger Constitution bench, Swamy told ANI, "I have contested that I have a fundamental right under Article 25 to offer worship at the place where Lord Ram was born.
The theme of fundamental indexation in Brazil is also relevant because of the difficulty for managers to achieve a better yield than that of the yields from Interfinancial Certificates of Deposit (CDI) (Dana, 2015).
The high courts had the special jurisdiction to enforce the fundamental rights.
He asked the audience to reveal if they had any pressing case related to fundamental rights so he could hear the case there.
The researchers found that certain fundamentals of care were identified more frequently, including communication and education and comfort and elimination.
Fundamental Advisors is an alternative asset manager dedicated to the municipal markets.
Supreme Court has "recognized a limited class of fundamental constitutional errors that 'defy analysis by the "harmless error" standards.'" (16) "These errors are so 'intrinsically harmful as to require automatic reversal (i.e., 'affect substantial rights') without regard to their effect on the outcome.'" (17) The complete denial of counsel to a criminal defendant has been listed as one of the classes of errors that requires automatic reversal.
For the first time in European history, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights brings together in a single document the entire array of civil, political, economic and social rights (Fuerea, 2006: 72-73).

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