fundamental feature

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I had raised the rope-ladder after us into my own old room, and while Raffles wedged his door I lowered the ladder from one of the best bedroom windows, in order to prepare that way of escape which was a fundamental feature of his own strategy.
The presidency, he stressed, "is a fundamental feature of our Union, based on the EU Treaty, and must be fully respected by all".
A fundamental feature of our voluntary compliance system of taxation are roles that are fair, dear and not subject to "interpretation" by DRA auditors.
However, prediction of the future is still very much with us, as a fundamental feature of social science investigation, which the record of past predictions, enshrined in this volume, should remind us to engage in with renewed humility.
Arguing against Durkheim and the foundational theories of the sociology of religion, Stark insists that instead of ritual, "Gods are the fundamental feature of religions" (376).
The use of hyperlinking, which allows users to move from website to website, is a fundamental feature of the Internet and essential to its structure.
Ebbinghouse said, This is one of the most important residential development sites in the city and will be a fundamental feature of the East End, underpinned by its integrated and sensitive design.
Reinvention of this feature had been something which challenged the fundamental feature of the social media site.
However, the findings explain a fundamental feature of the planet's climate, and show that icy waters affect seasonal rains that are crucial for growing crops in places like Africa's Sahel region and southern India.
I do not want food banks to become a fundamental feature of our social protection system.

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