fundamental feature

See: main point
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I had raised the rope-ladder after us into my own old room, and while Raffles wedged his door I lowered the ladder from one of the best bedroom windows, in order to prepare that way of escape which was a fundamental feature of his own strategy.
Under Xi's attempt to shore up the legitimacy of the party-state, the constitution now has the party's leading role written into the document's main body, declaring the party's leadership as the "most fundamental feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics".
Our class system is older and more subtle but it shares with every other this fundamental feature - loss of status is far more significant a stick than advancement is a carrot.
Ebbinghouse said, This is one of the most important residential development sites in the city and will be a fundamental feature of the East End, underpinned by its integrated and sensitive design.
The capability for customers to click-to-chat with your agents is the most fundamental feature of Zchat and represents the next generation of e-customer service - a powerful alternative to business-as-usual online.
A FUNDAMENTAL feature of governance is its outward orientation and always a long term perspective.
A fundamental feature of buoyant columns is that the large volume needed for hydrodynamic stability offers an unparalleled opportunity for compressed air energy storage at quite low pressures, based on conventional multistage compressors, and cold air expander/generators of multistage configuration for energy recovery.
Tax-exempt municipal bonds, a fundamental feature of the United States tax code since 1913, provide a low-risk, cost-effective financing tool for the construction of infrastructure projects--the lynchpin of the U.
Interest rates are a fundamental feature of any mortgage, and knowing these is an important part of the monthly budgeting exercise.
Hypertext is a fundamental feature of the World Wide Web.
In its decision regarding the Reference by the Governor in Council concerning the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada in relation to the Upper House, (2) the Supreme Court found that "to make the Senate a wholly or partially elected body [my emphasis] would affect a fundamental feature of that body" and that the constitutional powers of Parliament do not allow it to unilaterally change a fundamental feature of the Senate.
They contend that a lot of discourse about corporate social responsibility perpetuates the myth that businesses can pursue profit-seeking objectives while also being socially responsible and show how this is a fundamental feature of neo-liberal ideology, as well as how corporate social responsibility research and corporate discourse on ethics ignores some destructive processes of the global capitalist system.

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