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Fonagy further reports rounded undulating fundamental frequency curve in phrases expressing positive emotions, such as joy, tenderness, and longing.
The relationship between the fundamental frequency of pre-stressed beam and pre-stress value could not be well explained based on the theory of classical mechanics.
the modal analysis provide fundamental frequency which has already been discussed and helps in providing serviceability criteria for bridges.
the correlation between vowel height and fundamental frequency (Connell 2002).
The measurement result showing the reduced effect of the leaked fundamental frequency is shown in Fig.
They do need to accurately determine the fundamental frequency so that the voltage and current RMS values can be calculated.
Standard deviation of fundamental frequency (SD F0) can be taken as an indicator of regularity of pitch of voice.
Figure 9 shows the predicted coherence at the fundamental frequency.
The integer multiple of fundamental frequency is called harmonic which is 50 Hz in our case.
To solve the annoying vibration problem, designing the system so that the fundamental frequency is maintained above 15 Hz is suggested.
The following acoustic variables were measured: average fundamental frequency, relative average perturbation, shimmer, noise-to-harmonic ratio, voice turbulence index, maximum phonation time, and habitual pitch.
One comes from the fundamental frequency and its harmonics, and the other from the formants of the vocal tract.

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