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The effect of this aging test was tested by quantifying the fundamental frequency of a sample of floor specimens and then applying a cyclic load that caused an equivalent moment to that caused by 50 percent of the design live load, and then comparing the frequencies before and after the cyclic loading was applied.
In our study, the cigar-smoking group also had a significantly lower fundamental frequency and habitual pitch compared to the control group.
As for the masonry wall, the percentage increment in fundamental frequency is around 71.
The TimbralSpectral descriptors rely on harmonic peak estimation by the fundamental frequency of the audio signal.
All four frequencies can be distinctly identified, as they are integers of the fundamental frequency used [[omega].
For a one-port network with a single-tone excitation at the fundamental frequency, we can show that the equation relating S and Z reduces to the same wellknown equation for the linear case if we assume that no energy is redistributed into the form of frequency down-conversion.
Performing Fourier expansion, we have refined the fundamental frequency of pulsation for BQ Serpens to be 0.
Psychoacoustically, when the human ear is presented with a low-frequency sound signal that is missing the fundamental harmonic, it will fill in the fundamental frequency based on the higher harmonics that are present.
Dr Fielding said: "The fundamental frequency of Americans is generally lower than that of most Europeans.
5%) while the fundamental frequency and multipliers were selected so as to give eight frequencies; 1, 2, 7, 10, 20, 40, 70 and 100 radians/second.
Under such circumstances, Sumitomo Electric has succeeded in extending the RF bandwidth of the Doherty amplifier by drawing on its RF power amplifier technology and optimizing the fundamental frequency and the high-order harmonics over a wide frequency range inside the amplifier modules incorporated in the Doherty amplifier.

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