fundamental law

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Fundamental Law

The constitution of a state or nation; the basic law and principles contained in federal and state constitutions that direct and regulate the manner in which government is exercised.

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fundamental law

some provision upon which the rest or a part of the legal system is based and which accordingly either cannot be changed or can be changed only by following special provisions. An example is the Constitution of the USA.
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The Constitutional Court is entitled to exert not only a formal control on the revision proposals, but to correctly apply the understanding of the supreme values of the fundamental law.
The National Committee for the Reform of the Fundamental Law of Equatorial Guinea, composed of members of congress and legally constituted political parties, is charged with leading effort to reform the fundamental law of Equatorial Guinea.
Jiro Nemoto, former chairman of the Japan Federation of Employers Associations, who served as chairman of the Central Education Council until last month, has made known his objection to any hasty revision of the fundamental law.
The best interests of children is not promoted by such a subversion of fundamental law, the very foundation of the family and of society itself.
The DPJ should take the lead in constructive deliberations on such bills as the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education and the upgrading of the Defense Agency to a ministry that are in tune with the country's basic beliefs.
Featuring the goal of instilling patriotism, the contentious bill is designed to revise the Fundamental Law of Education, which was introduced in 1947 to realize through education the ideas of Japan's pacifist Constitution.
A House of Councillors ad hoc committee met Wednesday to examine government-proposed legislation to revise the Fundamental Law of Education after opposition lawmakers decided to end their boycott of discussions.
Senator Zahid Khan of Awami National Party (ANP) said that recording of private conversation cannot be allowed under any circumstances and should be inadmissible evidence before the court of law to discourage abuse of fundamental law.
Challenging the umpire's decision contravenes basic and fundamental law of our western society.
Under the Abe administration so far, the Fundamental Law of Education has been revised to instill patriotism in children and strengthen state control of education, and the Defense Agency has been upgraded to a Defense Ministry, among other things.
Native America, FLC is a wholly owned Native American fundamental law company that specializes in the foreign jurisdiction of the Native American nations.
Also on the Diet agenda will be a controversial bill to revise Japan's Fundamental Law of Education, which seeks to instill ''patriotism'' in Japanese students.

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