fundamental part

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Peace was at length negotiated, and dictated by foreign powers; and the articles of it, to which foreign powers are parties, made a fundamental part of the Germanic constitution.
A spokeswoman for the Outer Hebrides Alcohol and Drugs Partnership said: "Receiving practical support, treatment and access to alcohol and substance services is a fundamental part of the recovery journey.
"Everton is a fundamental part of a growing list of highcalibre partners that we are working with as excitement around the development continues to grow."
Being custodian of the national resources, an austerity drive has been made a fundamental part of the government policies, the chief minister said.
The right to vote is a fundamental part of American democracy.
It's now a fundamental part of who I am and has had a huge influence on how I'm approaching my professional life and the positions I'm applying for.
An official of Ministry of Human Rights told reporter on Tuesday that women's right to protection and speedy justice were fundamental part of the manifesto of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government.
Ambassador Wigemark underlined that all citizens in BiH should be equal before the law and rule of law is a fundamental part of the EU integration process.
Speaking at the occasion Safee Shah, General Manager of Uber in Pakistan stated that, 'Motorbikes are a fundamental part of Pakistan's transportation network and as such, this is a great opportunity to launch uberMOTO, which will provide more mobility options catered to the needs of people in Pakistan.'
On the other hand, we recognise, because the strategy is inherently regional and Pakistan is geographically located at a critical nexus of a lot of different things, Pakistan is a fundamental part of the strategy,' said McKenzie.
What is needed is for children to engage with the physical presence of engineering in every walk of life and the fundamental part it plays in creating a safe and secure society.
Jack Dawson, Roseanne Missenden-Jones, Lou Charpentier-Dusoir and Sarah Matthews have joined the firm at its UK headquarters in Burton on Trent, where newly qualified engineers play a fundamental part in the growth of the business.

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