fundamental point

See: main point
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There be also two false peaces, or unities: the one, when the peace is grounded, but upon an implicit ignorance; for all colors will agree in the dark: the other, when it is pieced up, upon a direct admission of contraries, in fundamental points.
He added that the fundamental point reiterated by the delegation was that it is authorized to negotiate a cessation of hostilities rather than dialogue despite its presence within the concerns of the delegation, stressing that the focus is now on the negotiation of the cessation of hostilities leading to a comprehensive peace in Darfur.
The fundamental point of the Enhanced Campus Automation System is to make the whole management process smooth, simple and productive.
And yet it's the most basic fundamental point of families and communities, whatever to listen to each other.
Ziadi, in a press release, urged the government to take advantage of this fundamental point, which she said: "It will contribute to change the balance of powers in favor of the security forces and the popular defense forces on the ground.
We are so relieved at the signing of this deal as it is a fundamental point for the future of the region and the world," said Shaaban in an interview with the BBC Arabic TV channel.
From a fundamental point of view, Deutsche Bank does not comment on cases that are still ongoing and it refers to early statements where it is convinced that the accusations against Juergen Fitschen will prove to be unfounded," the bank said.
There is a fundamental point here and that is the need, after a quarter of a century, to once and for all have every scrap of information in the public domain.
PAUL FULFORD'S CALL FOR SCHOOLS AND FAITH TO BE SEPARATE Ketland Dyer This article, in its rush to jump on the religionbashing bandwagon of the day, misses a fundamental point.
I AGREE with the fundamental point Joe Brolly was making last Saturday night, even if he did overreact.
However, I must disagree with him on one fundamental point, and that is simply that there is no way the Scots will consider independence.

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