fundamental principle

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But they must state clearly that civil disobedience differs from peaceful and legal protest; that civil disobedience involves violating a law that a rightly formed conscience determines to be in conflict with a fundamental principle of human dignity; and that civil disobedience is circumscribed by the practitioner's obligation to honor legitimate government by accepting punishment openly and respectfully.
In conclusion, when the Bush administration develops arguments to launch aggressive wars all over the world, it can't do so according to the basic principles of international law, nor can it do so according to fundamental principles of morality and justice.
said, "Cantor Fitzgerald's Debt Capital Markets team is committed to the fundamental principle of building and sustaining strong client relationships as the basis for meeting each client's evolving needs.
A fundamental principle of sound public debt financing is that you restrict its use to capital projects that will last at least as long as the service on the debt,'' McClintock said.
The new studies rely on a fundamental principle of Einstein's theory of gravitation: Mass bends light.
It's rather surprising that such a fundamental principle has for so long not really been examined.
NTTG is committed to the fundamental principle of observing FERC policy, such as implementation of the emerging Order 888 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
The bishops want the wording of the constitution amended to reflect the fundamental principle that every human life is of value in itself.
In his Apologia pro Vita Sua, Cardinal Newman contrasted the strength of dogma with the weakness of sentiment: "From the age of fifteen, dogma has been the fundamental principle of my religion.
A fundamental principle of the democratic system is no taxation without representation, but try to get the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to clean up its act.
Freedom to conduct commerce across state boundaries without undue restrictions was a fundamental principle of the framers of the Constitution," noted Kenneth W.

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