fundamental reason

See: rationale
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Dubai: Discord between parents and different forms of domestic violence have been the fundamental reason behind the breakdown and disintegration in families, warned a top prosecutor.
He also added that there is no fundamental reason behind large drops in the value of the currency.
Patrick Mahoney, a Pelletier family spokesperson who attended the meeting, said: "It is an absolute disgrace that Justina is being held by Massachusetts DCF when the fundamental reason for this custody battle has been removed.
London, July 21 ( ANI ): Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney believes that Sir Alex Ferguson still has influence at Manchester United, and that is a fundamental reason to why the player wants to leave the club.
In a statement it said they held the view that "the fundamental reason for Clare's resignation is that she now places more value on her political connection with Independent TD Mick Wallace than on the political positions and work of the Socialist Party".
The MP pointed out on Friday to "Voice of Lebanon"-Freedom and Dignity radio that the crisis could be solved, adding that there is not a fundamental reason to suspend sessions.
We therefore see no fundamental reason to buy the stock at its current level and maintain our Hold on the stock.
The report also highlighted inflation as another fundamental reason behind
He said: "I believe firmly in the principles of responsibility and accountability; it is for that fundamental reason I have decided to pursue this course of action.
The Liverpool Daily Post has unearthed extracts from Richard Lewis, the Rugby Football League executive chairman, with Sky Sports in which Mr Lewis points to "insolvency" as the fundamental reason why the club was denied a Super League licence.
College of Law) favorably compares the political values and views of human nature of the constitutional founders of the United States with various strains of "foreign fanaticism," arguing essentially that the constitutional founders, unlike their radical counterparts, sought a political structure that would merely reflect and control human nature and the composition of society, rather than fundamentally change them, and that this difference is the fundamental reason American constitutionalism is not marked by the violence and atrocities of the various radicalisms of the French Revolution, the Nazis, the Soviet Union, Maoism, and religious fanaticism.

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