fundamental research

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As far as the risks identified by Fundamental Research, Dale Ginn of San Gold reported on February 1, 2007 that the company's most recent mineral resource calculation by ACA Howe International has resulted in an increase of nearly 200,000 contained ounces of gold over and above the previously announced total.
An operation established for fundamental research and development within Honda R&D Co., the Honda Motor Co., subsidiary responsible for research and development.
The mission of 'Management and Organization Review,' to be published three times a year, is to publish innovative research contributing to management knowledge in three domains: fundamental research in management; international and comparative management; and, Chinese management, including research on the management and organization of Chinese companies and multinational companies operating in China.
Her primary focus is on advanced characterization and fundamental research on polymer blends.
If there are no conditions placed on the research and the organization conducting the research intends to publish its findings in scientific literature, that is considered "fundamental research" by the BIS and no license is required.
Funding for fundamental research to improve methods of analysis of diversity and dynamics of these populations is an urgent requirement.
For extensive contributions in the form of fundamental research and transfer of technology regarding molding sand, steel technologies, investment casting and thin walled iron castings.
Since the 1990s, the company is engaged in fundamental research in the area of communication engineering.

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