fundamental rule

See: principle
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The fundamental rule of real estate could easily apply to company-affiliated schools: location, location, location.
Ignoring this fundamental rule can lead to jail time.
The Annual Roasters' Guild Retreat is a gathering where competition between companies is a lost concept, and where sharing of the experience of roasting makes "team" the fundamental rule of the day.
From the command's view our priority is to take care of employees as we implement the decision--that's a fundamental rule.
On the one hand, the fundamental rule of Movable Do is maintained: relationships between syllables always represent the same intervals.
She added that higher education has become a fundamental rule in building modern state based on science and knowledge and the national qualified staff.
On another note, Geagea said that "legislation is a fundamental rule of democratic systems' rules but only works in a normal political life".
UNLESS I am missing something, there appears to be a strong case for changing a fundamental rule of tennis.
But as Collins (inset) rightly points out, players are breaking a fundamental rule all the time.
One fundamental rule, cited by Kotek in her letter announcing Lane's resignation, prohibits lobbying by any non-partisan employee of the legislative branch.
It's a fundamental rule that applies to all TED speakers.
Lead author Ji-hoon Kim, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who recently joined the California Institute of Technology, and who has been coordinating the AGORA project, said what they have been trying to achieve in the AGORA project is to apply the same fundamental rule of reproducibility to computational experiments.

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