fundamental rule

See: principle
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Keep it simple - that's the fundamental rule to ace your winter look with knits.
Influence General Lord Dannatt, head of the Army from 2006 to 2009, has accused the Government of breaking this fundamental rule.
l The key to manage the ideal protein intake lies in the fundamental rule of consuming a well-balanced nutritional diet along with a regular fitness regime.
But just above the second commandment of "Thou must lift our stinky pants and socks off the floor every evening" is the most fundamental rule of all: "Thou shalt pretend to understand the offside rule, spend Saturday mornings on the side of a sodden football pitch, and not mind the lawn being churned up and the flowers ruined.
The comments made by the ambassador in question violated this fundamental rule and the necessary reaction was made.
She added that higher education has become a fundamental rule in building modern state based on science and knowledge and the national qualified staff.
On another note, Geagea said that "legislation is a fundamental rule of democratic systems' rules but only works in a normal political life".
The Comelec said "it is a fundamental rule that when a judgment becomes final and executory, it thereby becomes immutable and unalterable and any amendment or alteration, which substantially affects a final and executory judgment, is null and void for lack of jurisdiction, including the entire proceedings held for that purpose.
UNLESS I am missing something, there appears to be a strong case for changing a fundamental rule of tennis.
But as Collins (inset) rightly points out, players are breaking a fundamental rule all the time.
One fundamental rule, cited by Kotek in her letter announcing Lane's resignation, prohibits lobbying by any non-partisan employee of the legislative branch.
It's a fundamental rule that applies to all TED speakers.

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