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I am speaking of the EQUALITY of sides, and it does not need much reflection to see that the whole of the social life in Flatland rests upon the fundamental fact that Nature wills all Figures to have their sides equal.
There be also two false peaces, or unities: the one, when the peace is grounded, but upon an implicit ignorance; for all colors will agree in the dark: the other, when it is pieced up, upon a direct admission of contraries, in fundamental points.
Peace was at length negotiated, and dictated by foreign powers; and the articles of it, to which foreign powers are parties, made a fundamental part of the Germanic constitution.
From these facts; from the great difficulty of ascertaining the infertility of varieties in a state of nature, for a supposed variety if infertile in any degree would generally be ranked as species; from man selecting only external characters in the production of the most distinct domestic varieties, and from not wishing or being able to produce recondite and functional differences in the reproductive system; from these several considerations and facts, I do not think that the very general fertility of varieties can be proved to be of universal occurrence, or to form a fundamental distinction between varieties and species.
Finally, then, the facts briefly given in this chapter do not seem to me opposed to, but even rather to support the view, that there is no fundamental distinction between species and varieties.
It is simply that the wiles of the East Wind are too much for its fundamental honesty.
But make our fundamental convictions your own, join our brotherhood, give yourself up to us, let yourself be guided, and you will at once feel yourself, as I have felt myself, a part of that vast invisible chain the beginning of which is hidden in heaven," said Pierre.
DALLAS -- MedSurge Advances, the leading aesthetic medicine services provider for physicians, today announced the 2007 schedule for Fundamentals, a two-day medical spa workshop designed to guide doctors step-by-step through the process of launching a career in aesthetic medicine.
CHICAGO -- Combining strong underlying fundamentals with low valuations can lower risk and increase portfolio returns.
TSX Venture: EEV) reflects dependency on successful capital-raising, exploration and development counterbalanced by highly experienced management and positive demand-supply fundamentals
It contains information on antenna fundamentals and the latest developments in smart antennas, as well as the radiation effects of hand-held devices.
The company mentioned that it again delivered strong results across all of its businesses, further demonstrating its consistent record of executing on the fundamentals of its business strategy.

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