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Fundi was established in 1982 and is one of the providers of software solutions for IBM IMS and IBM CICS systems.
But there was nothing upbeat in Fundi as the bell sounded.
What should then be the focus of critical concern are Fundi as a new paradigm/theory/scenario/methodology and the FAS as a reconstructed African state system.
The outcome should incorporate a permanent "fundi" presence within a "realo" national party that obeys election laws, etc.
it has come of age under the leadership of the Mexican Foundrymen's Society (MFA), the AFS affiliate that sponsored FUNDI EXPO '91 and that has steadily crafted the foundry industry's technical competence and guided its productivity growth.
Fundi said the officer was taken to Lokori Hospital for treatment and is in stable condition.
"We watched the basketball final match together after which we opted for a drink at the Makupa welfare pub, where we were joined by among others visiting referees of the match Joseph Amoko, and Juma Kent from Nairobi."It is then that Oloo used my phone to call KPA acting Administration Manager Bildad Kisero who joined us and offered us drinks," Fundi said.
Lawyer Beth Fundi, representing the family of Macharia, informed the court there was a first postmortem conducted, but the family sought a second one.
Only subtle color changes were noted in central parts of ocular fundi, but in peripheral parts there were signs of choroidal spoking and slight hyper-reflectivity.
VALUES: Mean systolic BP in the group without changes, that is, with normal fundi, was 150.48+ 14.02 mm of Hg and mean diastolic BP was 98.48+10.71 mm of Hg.