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The long-term effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy on symptoms in dyspeptic patients with fundic atrophic gastritis.
Between days 0 and 14 the specific activity was lower in the mucosa of the fundic gland region than in the cardiac and pyloric gland regions, and was similar in all regions thereafter except for d28 in the cardiac gland region (Table 4).
Proton pump inhibitors and an emerging epidemic of gastric fundic gland polyposis.
They found that 57% of patients lacked intestinal metaplasia and that most tumors (70%) developed in cardiac-type or fundic mucosa.
Biopsies from these patches confirmed the presence of fundic type gastric mucosa.
Kit needle treatment sclerotherapy fundic varices,set of application of esophageal ligatures, disposable latex bands x6.
Two birds had normal menace responses despite having fundic lesions, and 2 birds with an inconsistent or absent menace response did not have appreciable ophthalmic lesions.
The pigs were fitted, at a weight of 40-45 kg, with a cannula (polypropylene; barrel outer diameter 25 mm) in the fundic region of the stomach for a further study of the control of gastric emptying.
Regulation of fundic and antral somatostatin secretion by CCK and gastrin.
None of the 6 cases with gastric fundic type mucosa had ITGCs or GCMs.
Before performing evisceration in all free-living owls, ocular examinations that consisted of direct pupillary light reflex evaluation, slit lamp biomicroscopy (SL-15, Kowa Optimed Inc, Torrance, CA, USA), and direct fundic examination (PanOptic, Welch Allyn Inc, Skaneateles Falls, NY, USA), along with behavioral observation (10) were used to assess vision in the contralateral eye, and the contralateral eye was determined to be normal.