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A new Earth Observing System highlights global change initiatives scheduled for their first funding in the coming year.
Among the federal programs that receive mandatory or guaranteed funding are food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid administration, and VA compensation and pensions.
No longer are governments, international organizations and multilateral development banks the only assistance donors nor is official development assistance the only source of funding for international economic development.
Local, state, and federal governments spent $348.9 billion on K-12 education in 1999-2000, of which a paltry eight percent was supplied by federal funding.
The ratio of assets to liabilities is referred to as the actuarial accrued liability funding ratio.
As more nonprofit institutions are created (over 1 million according to Independent Sector estimates), and as more and more public sector organizations seek funding from nongovernmental sources, competition for private support has increased dramatically.
RUEBECK: Ideally, companies will identify what their liabilities are, then look at alternatives for funding. But what often happens is that companies look first at the design of their plans, and then think about the funding.
* The Administration funding request for FY2001 FMFP was $3,538,200,000.
Generally, rules on the types of benefits permitted, the funding limits and the deductibility of contributions are the same whether or not the trust is taxable.
First, the IRS indicated that in funding these trusts, the allocation of assets to each trust should be fairly representative, so that each side gets a representative share of appreciating and non-appreciating assets.
Seeing the writing on the wall, the private sector banks have begun their own borrower revitalization programs, and moreover are beginning to provide funding for buyout funds.
For institutions with significant amounts of endowed funding, however, this often means that net tuition revenues are not being maximized.