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has assigned a rating of "aa" to the three funding agreement-backed securities (FABS) programs established by Principal Life Insurance Company (Principal Life) as well as an issuer credit rating (ICR) of "aa" to Principal Life, the lead operating company of Principal Financial Group, Inc.
Additionally, PFG's prudent asset/liability management strategies ensure that close matches between funding agreement assets and liabilities are maintained.
However, this decline does not appear to be out of the ordinary, as a decline in fabless funding deals from Q1 to Q2 has been seen over the last three years as funding declined 16% QoQ in 2002 and 51% QoQ in 2001.
Even though fabless fundings are down in number and amount year-on-year for the first half of 2002, they actually increased in dollars over the same period in 2000.
There is a huge need for a professional business tool which provides both timely and accurate funding resource information," said Fady Khairallah, general manager of MDR.

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