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Perhaps that is why the sometimes funereal or mystical quality of his work, with its fluorescent gloom or triumph, redolent of Machine Age populist spirituality, has become ever more potent.
On the videotape of the collection shown in Pads this past fall, the audience's verbal reactions to the work functioned as the soundtrack; there was no music accompanying the models as they - one at a time - walked down the short white runway, their skirts rustling beneath their funereal faces, lips bleak, eyes greasy.
Pierced at the top by a menacing set of meat hooks and stretching from the floor to just above head height, three of the runners were a featureless salmon, while the last sported a funereal pattern of black and white stripes with floral trim.
STEVE McCLAREN was being dubbed The Blundertaker last night - after adding to the funereal mood surrounding England's fading Euro 2008 hopes with a black suit and tie.
Palmyra, SANA-Competent authorities unearthed on Wednesday a prefect, accurately- sculptured archaeological piece which represents a large funereal bed with nearly 1000 kg weight.
Thousands of people attended his funereal procession.
It will begin with funereal and mourning music, with the second of the three works of the programme featuring the warm, introspective and solemn tone of the viola, lending, some would venture to say, a melancholy note to the first part of the evening given the imminent commemoration of the Divine Passion.
Hundreds of members of the Extinction Rebellion group wore black funereal clothing and laid wreaths to "commemorate and grieve" the loss of animal and human life due to climate change yesterday.
The crowd was flat against Chelsea and Arsenal and almost funereal as Leicester rolled Newcastle over.
In addition, the FRSC operatives will be deployed along designated funereal grounds as part of measures to ensure the free flow of traffic, he said.
JUST A STING was unsuited by the trip and funereal gallop at Sandown in a race where the form has been franked.
The atmosphere was definitely funereal in the pyrotechnics manufacturing areas.