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Associated perinephric abscess and passage of fungus balls in the urine.
In this paper, we present a case without significant immunosuppression and chronic lung disease that was simultaneously diagnosed with an endotracheal fungus ball and CFA, possibly due to Aspergillus.
After a single dose of intravenous fluconazole (200 mg), cystoscopy and ureteroscopic lithotripsy were performed under general anesthesia to remove the remnants of the fungus ball and right ureteral stone.
Surgical removal of the fungus ball by an endonasal approach under endoscopic guidance was done after enlargement of the natural ostium of the sinus.
A fungus ball can originate from agglutination of a necrotic tissue nucleus (papillary necrosis), mucosus debris and foreign or lithiasic debris; this can then lead to a urinary tract obstruction and hydronephrosis, which is a very rare complication of candiduria.
1) (The fungus ball would then most likely be a secondary phenomenon resulting from altered sinus physiology.
Three types of disease were identified: rhinocerebral disease (Table 1), pulmonary disease (Table 2), and fungus ball (Table 3).
CLINICAL FEATURES: Fungus ball is usually asymptomatic.
An inspissated fungus ball was found in the sphenoid sinus and removed (figure, C and D).