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Ward and Vail started Current and Furbish in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle in 2013.
99) virtually and access a Furbish to English dictionary.
The app includes a Furbish-to-English translator and Furbish dictionary, and enables users to feed their Furby various types of food.
In 2010, 4,618 people took classes at The Baking Education Center, up from approximately 3,000 in 2009, Furbish notes.
Abu Dhabi DecoVision, an Abu Dhabi-based interior contracting and design firm, announced it recently won a Dh150 million project to furbish the interiors of the Etihad Towers which are being built along the Abu Dhabi Corniche opposite the Emirates Palace Hotel.
We wanted to help raise money to furbish the hospice when it opens in Coventry.
Grocery delivery service FreshDirect has announced that it has appointed Dean Furbish to the role of chief executive officer.
Due to over-expansion during the bubble of the late 80's and early 90's, a time when rooms cost up to $1 million each to build and furbish, a number of industry leaders and small chain operators are now in serious financial distress.
Moose, bear, and the Furbish lousewort, an endangered plant found only along the Upper St.
They start off communicating in Furbish nonsense but will eventually speak English.
Furbies can speak 200 words and 800 phrases and they come with their own dictionary so you too can learn how to speak Furbish.