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Both partial and complete furcal bony defect types were grouped to form a dichotomous variable that identified an individual as having either none or at least one dentate site affected by a dental furcation.
If, in the clinical examination, the dental hygienist detects furcation involvement, early on those furcation involvements need to be addressed or the option given of regeneration because we know that the earlier you address the furcation involvement with regeneration, the more successful the outcome," Clem continued.
Accordingly, we propose another possible route for bacterial ingress into the furcation and periapical areas that is through the periodontal defects, however further studies are needed to validate this assumption.
Among non-resorbable barriers human studies using ePTFE membrane for the treatment of furcation defects have reported significant and predictable gains in new attachment (15,16).
1); furcation of Cu vein of forewings without dark spot (Ding & Yang 1986: Fig.
The furcation unit is available for any standard-sized buffer tube.
The rugged construction of the high-performance furcation point also minimizes dB loss, due to fiber stress, yet it is 75 percent smaller than standard furcation points.
Subgingival root surfaces over 4 mm below the cemento-enamel junction present with many concavities, depressions and furcation entrances.
MTA materials have excellent potential as pulp-capping and pulpotomy medicaments, as an apical and furcation restorative material as well as preparation for apexogenesis and apexification treatments [Roberts et al.
CPI's system includes five components: the Fiber Trunk Cable Manager, Vertical Furcation Bracket, Horizontal Furcation Bracket, Fiber Module Bracket and Universal Accessory Rail, as well as, two accessories for the Universal Accessory Rail: the Fiber Module Adapter and Swivel Cable Spool.
The periodontist noted generalized gingival recession ranging from 2 mm to 4 mm; Class II furcation involvement on all molars; Class I mobility of the maxillary right first and second premolars, and generalized periodontal pocketing ranging from 4 mm to 7 mm (57 percent of sites 4 mm or greater).