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A deeply invasive furcation lesion is the equivalent of a poor long-term prognosis for the involved tooth.
Van Swol et al on comparing amalgam, zinc oxy phosphate cement and glass ionomer in the treatment of surgically created furcation defects in non-human primates found greatest biocompatibility with glass ionomer on histological evaluation as compared to others.
15) One study (27) showed that mandibular molars with Class II furcation involvement and CEPs could achieve similar results when enamoplasty/odontoplasty was performed as compared to those without CEPs using various surgical modalities.
Evaluation of the sealing ability of amalgam, cavit and glass ionomer cement in the repair of furcation perforations.
Comparative evaluation of push-out bond strength of ProRoot MTA, Biodentine, and MTA Plus in furcation perforation repair.
Clinical assumptions that periodontally involved furcation sites negatively affect the overall health and longevity of molar teeth, may unduly influence treatment decisions.
PRF has been used in different surgical procedures such as sinus floor augmentation, treatment of gingival recession (GR), furcation defects, maxillary rehabilitation before implant placement, restoration of peri-implant defects, as well as healing of extraction sockets with promising results.
Furcation Defects: How periodontal furcation defects should be managed via periodontal regenerative therapy and what parameters should be used for treatment selection
A furcation is the area between multi-rooted teeth where the bone has already dissolved, leaving a hollow area between the roots.
sup][1] Note, compared to mandibular resections (23%), residual root fragments, furcation lips, and ledges were more frequent causes of failure of maxillary resections (33%).