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Clinical assumptions that periodontally involved furcation sites negatively affect the overall health and longevity of molar teeth, may unduly influence treatment decisions.
15); presence of two paired, two- or three-wall intra-bony defects with a probing depth (PD) of [greater than or equal to]6 mm and an intra-bony component of [greater than or equal to]3 mm, as detected on radiographs; no intra-bony defects extending into the furcation area; tooth mobility [less than or equal to]1; tooth and adjoining teeth testing vital and without symptoms or signs of endodontic involvement; and tooth and adjoining teeth free of caries or inadequate restorations.
INTRODUCTION: Furcation involvement connotes the attachment loss in the bifurcation and trifurcation of the multirooted occurring due to inflammatory periodontal disease.
The evaluation for the presence of dental root furcations was made only on the maxillary second bicuspid, first and second molars, and the mandibular first and second molars in the same randomly selected quadrants.
A comparison of effectiveness of hand scaling and ultrasonic debridement in furcations as evaluated by differential dark-field microsocopy.
20 Patients with Millers Class I or Class II furcation defects were selected and divided into test and control groups in which test group alone was treated with collagen membrane to cover the exposed root surface.
Projection of cervical enamel into molar furcations.
In this study, use of the endoscope resulted in significantly less calculus at interproximal sites, but not on buccal/lingual surfaces, or at sites with deep furcations or pocket depths.
This curette is designed with much longer cutting edges r and a closed-face blade for fine finishing with minimal tissue distention, allowing efficient access to root concavities, base of the pocket and furcations of periodontally involved teeth with better adaptation.
22 min Color, implants and peri- architecture implant tissues and Exudation Pocket/ recording of results: sulcus Recession Probing depths Fremitus Bleeding on probing Evaluation of furcations Exudate Other signs of disease progression Microbial testing if indicated Gingival recession Attachment levels if indicated Tooth mobility, fremitus Occlusal factors, Examination Evaluation of implant stability Occlusal adjustment, if indicated Other signs and symptoms of disease activity (e.
I'm seeing 40-year-olds with vertical defects and furcations and other systemic issues that make it difficult for the dentist and the dental hygienist in general practice to manage," he continued.
14,15) Root anatomy can inhibit calculus removal with an increased prevalence of residual deposits being associated with the cemento-enamel junction, line angles and furcations.