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He sets Hercules Furens in the context of Greco-Roman literary tradition, Seneca's varied career and prolific writings, and the reception of Senecan tragedy from antiquity to the present decade.
Jasper Heywood's Hercules Furens (1561) and Richard Carews Gerusalemme liberata (1594) are in this category; both are printed with the original text on the opposite page, to emphasize its close correspondence to the English.
Hers may well be the most multifaceted female role in Shakespeare, another example of the angry woman, femina furens, with rhetorical mastery of sententiae and tropes of exhortation and imprecation; androgynous in her words and deeds; capable of sorrow, pity, and anger at the weakness of her poor silly ass of a husband.
26) He examines several roughly contemporary plays about Julius Caesar, including the Latin Julius Caesar (1544) of Marc-Antoine Muret, the French Cesar (1558) of Jacques Grevin, and the English Julius Caesar (1604) of Sir William Alexander, and finds that they all draw extensively on Senecas tragedy, Hercules Furens, as well as the pseudo-Senecan Hercules Oetaeus.
First of all, Caesar is never actually seen among the gods; secondly, his assassins' punishment is never hinted at; finally, the protagonist's post-mortem apotheosis--featured for example in Caesar's Revenge--is a traditional literary motif that Alexander drew either from Seneca's Hercules Furens through Marc Antoine Muret's Iulius Caesar (c.
25) Nel secolo XV si conoscono quattro edizioni collettive delle tragedie (Ferrara, Belforti 1478; Venezia, De Suardi, 1492; Venezia, Capcasa, 1493; Venezia, Tacuino, 1498) e tre volgarizzamenti, probabilmente mai messi in scena: il primo, in terza rima dell'Agamennone, viene realizzato da Evangelista Fossa e stampato nel 1497 (Venezia, Monfera); il secondo, sempre in terzine dell'Ippolito, risulta approntato da Pizio da Montevarchi (Venezia, Pensa da Mandello, 1497); il terzo, dell'Hercules furens, e messo a punto dal medesimo autore e conservato in forma manoscritta presso la Biblioteca Classense di Ravenna (ms.
Sobressaem, das suas conclusoes, a diversidade de influencias que enriquecem o texto senequiano (saliento a relacao com os hexametros de Catulo e Ovidio) e a relevancia da intertextualidade interna, particularmente do dialogo com a peca Hercules Furens.
37) Mencionan por ejemplo la presa Indian River de Nueva York, la de Bahgtur en India, al de Bear Valley en California, la de Furens en Francia, Villar en Espana y muchas otras.
Jasper Heywood's Hercules Furens, electronic editions will allow us
uritur infelix Dido totaque vagatur urbe furens, qualis coniecta cerva sagitta, quam procul incautam nemora inter Cresia fixit pastor agens telis liquitque volatile ferrum nescius; illa fuga silvas saltusque peragrat Dictaeos; haeret lateri letalis harundo (4.
5) It would exceed the scope of this article to attempt this task with regard to all the translations; and therefore I shall confine myself to the work of Jasper Heywood, the author of three translations: Troas, Thyestes and Hercules Furens.