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65% do not allow employees to volunteer for full- or partial-length furloughs.
Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association representing CSU professors and lecturers, said her members have also seemed open to talk of furloughs but stressed the sacrifices that have already been taken by CSU faculty members.
If the furloughs go forward, they would be phased, with the first 170 pilots receiving notices in 2010.
Today's announcement that HUD employees will be spared two more days of furloughs is welcome news.
Lane County has issued notice to its seven unions of its intent to pursue unpaid furloughs, part of an effort to save $7 million in a budget for the coming year that the Board of Commissioners could approve Wednesday.
Hopefully they won't have to come back to us requesting furloughs, but we know we can work together on whatever is thrown at us for the benefit of students and employees.
Richardson said in an e-mail this week that the county is legally required to meet with its unions to negotiate the impacts of furloughs and alternatives to the impacts.
The 363 judicial branch employees in the State Employees' Association will join judges and other court staff in taking unpaid furloughs to meet a $3.
Because we understand that furloughing our food safety inspectors would not be good for our consumers, the economy, the meat and poultry industry, or our workforce, we view such furloughs as the last option we would implement to achieve the necessary sequestration cut," Vilsack said in the two-page letter.
We believe the delay is a responsible step to take in order to assure our civilian employees that we do not take lightly the prospect of furloughs and the resulting decrease in employee pay.
We appreciate that sequestration imposes severe constraints on the Department, but there is no question that Pentagon officials abused their discretion in FY13 to impose furloughs on civilian employees.
the top federal contractor, had planned to furlough 3,000 people, though it reduced furloughs by about 20 percent after the Pentagon said Oct.