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The pair first met in 1993 when a mutual friend invited British Canadian film-maker Furnish to dinner with the rock legend.
I am delighted to be selected for this very special position in a strategically transformed academic structure," Furnish said.
We look at him every day and at the moment he has Elton's nose and my hands," Furnish said.
However, as far as I know, we're the only mill group that has its own internal packing operations providing 60 percent of its furnish," he adds.
The main objectives of this study were to acetylate wood strands with acetic anhydride, form panels with discrete layers of this treated furnish at various locations, test panel TS behavior using standard methods and a previously developed layer swell measurement technique, and measure internal bond (IB) strength.
In the aftermath, Furnish saw not disaster but opportunity.
au quoted John and Furnish as saying in a joint statement.
48-1(h)(1)(i) provided that eligible property did not include property used predominantly to furnish lodging.
Jim Davis, business manager, retention, drainage, clarification at Hercules Pulp and Paper Division Wilmington, Delaware, noted that the properties of retention, drainage and formation are related and can be influenced by many factors--including the machine set-up, furnish characteristics, and retention program.
Except for their beds, guests/residents furnish their rooms with furniture brought from home.
A study was completed to examine the relationship of the formation of the vertical density profile in oriented strandboard as influenced by furnish moisture content (MC) and press closure rate.