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In an apartment, small indeed, but richly furnished with decorations of an Oriental taste, Rebecca was seated on a heap of embroidered cushions, which, piled along a low platform that surrounded the chamber, served, like the estrada of the Spaniards, instead of chairs and stools.
The Chief of the Surete calmed their impatience by undertaking to furnish to the press, that evening, all the information he could give that would not interfere with the judicial inquiry.
The room was a tolerably large one, furnished with two heavy tables, some stools, a counter decorated with rows of bottles of syrup and alcohol.
Houses there were galore, furnished and unfurnished; but one was too big, another too small; this one too expensive, that one too far from Redmond.
Furnish and install two (2) new MCE Motion 4000 non-proprietary microprocessor
SIR Elton John and David Furnish have officially got married - exactly nine years after they tied the knot in a civil partnership ceremony.
a closer look behind a prominent promotion This Week: Shearle Furnish, founding dean of the College of Arts, Letters & Sciences at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
DAVID Furnish has told how he and partner Sir Elton John have found parenthood much easier the second time around.
London, Mar 29 ( ANI ): Sir Elton John and his long time partner David Furnish are planning another baby by the end of the year, so that their 14-month-old toddler Zachary has a sibling.
If you choose to furnish your property please bear in mind that as a landlord you become responsible to repair/ replace any items left in situe that break down via wear and tear.
Sir Elton John (right) and partner David Furnish who have become parents to a baby boy.
The singer and civil partner David Furnish, pictured, became parents to the 7lb 15oz baby boy.