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In their selection, visitors to the company's website will find both fully furnished apartments and furnished bundle packages.
In a press release, Furnished Quarters said its apartments have high-end finishes, 10-foot ceilings, in-unit washers and dryers, Miele appliances, wine refrigerators and Nest thermostats.
In this study four types of furnished cages: i) small furnished cage (SFC, Figure 1) designed according to the criterion of European Union (Directive, 1999); ii) medium size furnished cage I (MFC-I, Figure 2); iii) medium size furnished cage II (MFC-II, Figure 3) and iii) medium size furnished cage III (MFC-III, Figure 4) were designed, and CC (commercial type) was taken as control.
Revenue & Customs have only two definitions relating to property lettings: furnished or unfurnished.
Do not assume that all is included even if the property is described as fully furnished as you may be sorely disappointed at the start of the tenancy and the landlord would in no way be obligated to make additions to the furnishings.
4 bedroom detached house A furnished house offering spacious accommodation including 3 reception rooms, en suite and double garage
Generally, meals provided before or after the employee's workshift are not deemed furnished for the employer's convenience; however, exceptions exist for food-service workers, or if the meal would have been provided during normal working hours for substantial noncompensatory business reasons but, because of work duties, was not eaten during work hours.
It is furnished with digital/programmable temperature controls for each platen, and has an adjustable pressure regulator with a large face pressure gauge.
Gait evaluation and training furnished to a patient whose ability to walk has been impaired by neurological, muscular, or skeletal abnormality require the skills of a qualified physical therapist.
Under pre-1977 law, the entire value of joint tenancy property was included in a decedent's gross estate except for the portion of the property attributable to the consideration furnished by the survivor.
Circular 230 covers all aspects of practice--among which are information that must be furnished to the IRS, charging contingent fees, practitioner advertising and returning a client's records.
Another requirement for group practices is that "substantially all" of the patient care services of the physicians who are members of the group are furnished through the group and are billed in the name of the group.