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Before or at the same time as the furnisher obtains the recipient's consent, the furnisher must provide an electronic or paper disclosure with the following information:
After the furnisher receives notice of a dispute from the credit bureau, the furnisher has its own duties under the FCRA.
On or before January 31 of the year following the calendar year to which the statement relates, the furnisher must notify the recipient that the payee statement is posted on the applicable Website.
Fashion layouts and advertisements, such as "New Low Bust Flexible Model" and "New Supple Figure Corsets," Women's and Infants' Furnisher, January 1914, pp.
Founder Thomas Wright, Stephen's great-great-grandfather, began business as a mill furnisher in 1850 supplying the local textile trade.
Aintree-based church furnisher Hayes and Finch is asking churches and stately homes across the region and beyond to nominate worthy items for repair and restoration.
Imagination, optimism, a feel for technology and a belief in success -- those were the keystones for the company founded by interior furnisher Wilhelm Hachtel and his partner, joiner Adolf Staabler in 1930.
123) Moreover, the Act imposes a duty that a furnisher of information may not submit any information it "knows or consciously avoids knowing" is inaccurate, and shall, "promptly," correct and update any information on the credit report it determines is incorrect or incomplete.
100 Years Ago Walter Wilson, back of 146 Leopold Street, a warehouseman, was charged with having embezzled money belonging to Mr John Bentley, house furnisher, of 14,15 and 16 Deritend.
a furnisher of outsourced solutions for customer service and technical support, dedicated its new contact center in Bombay.