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The city charter is somewhat murky on the point, but the politics behind the furor are not.
Oh fera pugna, / u' l'arte in bando, u' gia la forza e morta, / ove in vece, d'entrambi il furor pugna
It goes like this: A furor brews over, say, a Rodney King beating, the Rampart scandal, or a videotaped roughing-up of a suspect.
But according to Chiang Mai-based Joe Cummings, the long-time author of the Lonely Planet Thailand guidebook: "It's a project that seems to be more reviled than loved," noting that at first there was "a furor over the land use" that infringes on an important watershed for locals and is near a sacred temple.
The land deals raised a furor in the Holy Land's close-knit Greek Orthodox community, whose mostly Palestinian parishioners have long resented the sale of church property to Israelis.
An Afghanistan court has sparked an international furor over its decision to imprison a magazine editor who published articles allegedly offensive to Islam.
Amid the growing public furor over manipulation of prewar intelligence about Iraq, and residual public disgust over the appointment of inept presidential crony Michael Brown to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Bush administration packed the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (FIAB) with campaign donors.
But, as illustrated by the furor over a recent court case, Canadians are just as leery of their data being sent to the United States as they fear that it may end up in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's hands.
But local scholars who have been studying the impact of new media on this isolated Buddhist society suggest that the furor over pro wrestling is a moral panic, and that it has more to do with change than with violence.
Unica Aveyano, an elderly, terminally ill Cuban exile decides, during the furor over Elian Gonzales, to walk into the ocean (or, maybe, just walk to the ocean).
Rome -- A Muslim in the Italian district of Aquila has called, through a court order, for the removal of a crucifix from the wall of his children's classroom, causing a furor throughout Italy.
A recent information technology furor, begun by a provocative Harvard Business Review article entitled "IT Doesn't Matter," is just now subsiding.