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Through this duel, love has been removed from war and replaced by anger--but the furor of anger is also akin to that of love, as the knots of their embrace encompass both mortal enemies and lovers.
The sheep, which was 6 years old, was the first mammal to be cloned from the DNA of an adult, and its birth set the stage for the current furor over human cloning (SN: 4/5/97 p.
Websites locales ofrecen lineas para hablar con un jeque, y las joyas estilo oriental son el furor en Rio y Sao Paulo.
What surprised us about the furor over heatstroke was the general lack of knowledge about the condition and its significance in the history of training.
Spenser's description of Furor pulling Phedon by the hair
The problem -- as exemplified by the furor over the proposed derivatives standard despite extensive exposure -- may be one of public relations: "The FASB has been unfairly attacked.
Mekas' defender, Emile Zola Berman, who later represented Sirhan Sirhan, did not want Smith in the courtroom, and Smith never got over his resentment that he alone was ignored in the furor over the film he made.
The obvious and odious anti-Semitism of Farrakhan and Khalid Muhammad, when all is said and done, is only a pretext for the furor.
Imagine the public furor if the Department of Defense were to propose blowing apart a scenic snowcapped mountain to test nature's recovery powers.
In a day and age of record high petroleum prices and the associated furor among both consumers and the government surrounding what the oil companies are doing with these profits, the oil companies have responded with future spending plans that boggle the mind.
It caused such a furor with our members that we felt for the good of the organization, it was critically important that we not host it at UTLA headquarters,'' UTLA President A.
After the furor died down, Kodak went back to business as usual.