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Implementing agency : Stichting OPO Furore p/a Het NIC BV
We did both regret the furore that we caused, and also the hurt it may have caused Mr Sachs and his family.
For the immediate, I would just like to say how deeply sorry I am for the part that I have played in causing this furore.
Furore managing director Nicola Davis said: "We got a call from 18 Feet as they were looking for a company that was based in the Birmingham area who had experience in organising fashion shows.
Now Mr Blair has announced he is to do exactly that, handing over the cash to the Royal British Legion there has been, er, an absolute furore among his detractors.
Tasso's work reflects a shift in the nature of furore over time.
Prices for alumina trihydrate have not gone up much in the last five years and are not expected to in the furore.
Merseyside Dead Or Alive singer Burns sparked a furore in the house when he claimed the coat was made from gorilla fur.
IN 2,005 THE GERMAN PUBLISHER FURORE issued 25 Plus Piano Solo, a new collection of piano pieces celebrating twenty-five years of the German organization Internationaler Arbeitskreis Frau und Musik, and a selection of eight piano works by Fanny Hensel to honor her two hundredth birthday.
The financial watchdog has been investigating complaints by members of the public and politicians that the council exceeded its powers during the furore over huge increases in councillors' allowances for more than two-and-ahalf years.
About whether the future they are building is a furore we want.