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The general appearance contrasts with most Pagetides species, which as a rule have smooth or weakly furrowed pleural fields and lack median axial nodes or spines.
Old traditional farming methods of disc harrowed have now been replaced by ripped furrowed instead.
Donatello shows her in old age, his fragile wooden carving furrowed with the marks of her long penance.
Whether the motto on the Oven is "Beware the Furrow of His Brow," "Be the Furrow of His Brow," or even "We Are the Furrow of His Brow" or Her Brow, God's brow is not the only one that is furrowed in Toni Morrison's seventh novel, Paradise.
Nichol's peppermint gum, on the other hand, grows to only 40 feet, and has deeply furrowed red bark and a somewhat weeping growth habit in addition to its highly scented foliage.
Keshongo's land was ripped and furrowed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and a private plough contractor.
From furrowed brows to mountain-forming ripples in Earth's crest, wrinkles are ubiquitous.
This seeming paradox has furrowed many a researcher's brow.