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The clocks are on the stroke of three, and the furrow ploughed among the populace is turning round, to come on into the place of execution, and end.
There were also significant differences between mounded plots, with highest runoff from consolidated plots (Site 4), and lowest from plots with furrows on 1% slope (Sites 2 and 3).
The method also preferably includes steps for providing the encasing plates with sealant-locating furrows at the plate faces that mate with the marine structure to be encased, the locating furrows being provided for receiving the sealant at a prescribed location relative to plate borders and for pre-measuring the amount of sealant to be applied.
In a sense, there is nothing new about this: All the participants in Morrison's novels-characters, readers, presumably Morrison, and Morrison's narrator in Jazz-engage in serious work that usually furrows their brows.
The uniqueness of a fingerprint can be determined by the pattern of ridges and furrows as well as the minutiae points.
If a strong public display of security is a proven deterrent to the Buford Furrows of the world, what might be the effect of allowing trained citizens well-versed in the legal use of firearms to carry them concealed?
Water that rushes down irrigation furrows on western farmlands takes little if any topsoil with it if an erosion-fighting white powder is mixed in.
Through the combined efforts of the Government of Saskatchewan and Furrows and Faith Retirement Co-operative Limited, a new 12-unit assisted living residence for seniors officially opened today in Mossbank.
PLOUGHING veteran Gwyn Jones showed his rivals a clean pair of furrows to clinch local honours at last weekend's Anglesey ploughing match.
The ripper cracks the hard surface open along the furrow line without disturbing the lanes in between furrows.
Ridge-and-furrow rainfall harvesting systems (RFRHS) consist of alternate parallel ridges and furrows on flat land, where the ridges serve as a rainfall-harvesting zone with the furrows as a planting zone (Li et al.
Christopher and his colleagues (2006) used Fok and Bishop methods to evaluate the time of water advancing in the furrows and compared the findings with some field studies in Nigeria [2].