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Flow of water in the furrows was measured using a cutthroat flume installed 5 m from entry at the upstream and at the tail end of the furrows for the measurement of water inflow and outflow of the furrows.
The NCAP Field Coordinator arranged for a private service provider to rip furrow my land at the end of October.
Sherwood's PS3,000 fine, Aspell's 14-day ban - which the jockey said would "hit me hard" - and the 40-day suspension imposed on Furrows, who is VVCONTINUES page 3
Furrows finished fourth behind Vulcanite, beaten a total of eleven and threequarter lengths.
This research was conducted to evaluate the field performance of three newly developed types of furrow opener.
Ridge furrow tillage with supplemental irrigation can effectively improve soil moisture storage and agricultural water-use efficiency in the semi-arid region of the Loess Plateau, where a shortage of water resources is serious (Li et al.
6] also obtained optimized farm dimensions for the design of irrigation furrow systems.
The Furrows range from Tyrrells is available in Waitrose and Booths stores now in sea salted, sea salt & vinegar and mature cheddar & pickled onion flavours (rsp: 7op per 40g, [pounds sterling]1.
The present work carried out in the forest-savanna transition zone of southwest Nigeria studied the response of okra yield components and nutrient contents to the physical and chemical soil conditions at the top, side, base positions of mounds and ridges, in furrows and untilled zero tillage and manually cleared soils.
It was dotted with members of my family, 30 feet apart along the ruler-straight furrows, eyes narrowed in concentration, hands hidden inside pails, poised to pounce, for if there was anything we knew how to do well as a family, it was to work.
Pronotal ridges and furrows ill-defined, ridges subconfluent, furrows obsolete.