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I suspect we will soon be seeing contests to see who can make the fastest journey between the furthermost points of England - Berwick on Tweed to Lands End.
For a symmetric fastener pattern, the centroid is found at the geometrical center of the group and the maximum resultant shear force in the most-stressed fastener is determined for the fastener located furthermost from the centroid using the following procedure.
fur-feathered groves giving furthermost arches, parterres
The latter is also home to numerous charter operators, although none fly to the USA or Asia, the furthermost destination served being Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh.
the furthermost point of heaven) in an attempt to solve the puzzle of
Yet it does, as anyone knows who has rafted un its large waterways, taken a boat excursion down the Rhone past shores cluttered with migrating birds and wild orchids, or walked in forests like those in Chancy, which have small streams called 'rivers' that abound in Geneva coursing through them, and where the furthermost western tip of all Switzerland (www.
Laura Anne Gilman writes with a unique style and easily pushes our imaginations to the furthermost realms possible.
We are looking in areas where there are not many hedgehogs to head off the furthermost extension of where they are.
This technology creates synthetic fibers that contain deep grooves or capillaries to effectively channel fluids, much like how a tree moves water from its roots to its furthermost leaves.
m]) between the outlet and the furthermost part of the basin along the Saint-Francois River (266.
Paphos is "a city sacred to Venus, and furthermost on the western side of Cyprus" (84), Berea "a city of Macedonia not far from Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great" (106).
My brother, overcome by the events of the day, the good-bye from our Mami, the train ride, the beer, the exciting search, had crawled away into the furthermost corner of the station and fallen asleep.