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The maximum distance from the edge of the stage to the rearmost seats in the parquet circle is 30 meters and that to the furthermost seats are 34 meters.
Noting that Cyprus is an island at the crossroads of three continents at the "furthermost West of east" and "furthermost East of West", Tuncay said, "as the members of the technical committee, we acknowledge the responsibility of preserving and sustaining this richness and handing it over to future generations."
The winter solstice occurs when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted the furthermost from the sun, decreasing the amount of energy that reaches Earth.
But for Auchinleck Talbot and their merry band of fans it's been a trek which would rival even Billy Connolly's World Tour to the furthermost corners of the land.
Biometrics included: Shell height (SH, the maximum distance between the hinge to the furthermost edge), length (SL, the maximum distance between the anterior and posterior margins) and width (SW, the maximum distance at the thickest part of the two shell valves).
It is on that basis that 'Be the Hero' becomes a concealed message substituted for go furthermost as the advancement to furthermore.
In the aquatic bodies, fish can act as bio-indicator of metal contamination because fish are the furthermost production of a biological system that can concentrate metals easily than that of other aquatic organisms (Rauf et al., 2009).
In the pages of "A Hero Dreams", novelist and consummate storyteller Mark Ristau takes his reader on an epic journey along the furthermost frontiers of human consciousness and into a miraculous realm where anything is possible.
Guests can polish their wheeling skills at such locations as Hokkaido (Japan's furthermost northern island), the mountain ranges of Norway and along the coastline of Cape Town, South Africa.
Alice scuttled off to the furthermost table, disconcerted when the dark-eyed stranger followed.
These studies mainly focused on the 60 GHz band, which is the furthermost potential approach for multi-gigabit wireless indoor communications systems.
In Morata's absence, Chelsea have turned to Eden Hazard as the furthermost point of their attack, with Willian and Pedro in support.