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Let the future and the furthest be the motive of thy to-day; in thy friend shalt thou love the Superman as thy motive.
My brethren, I advise you not to neighbour-love--I advise you to furthest love
Blue Air, who has an aircraft based at Liverpool with flights to seven destinations from LJLA, very kindly let the airport use one of its Boeing 737 aircraft weighing almost 40 tonnes for the plane pull, with teams competing against one another to see who could pull the aircraft the furthest in one minute.
Tel Aviv is nearly 2,500 miles away and the feat saw the team achieve the fifth furthest Jailbreak in Warwick's history - only coming behind Bangkok, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York.
Transportation will be provided within the following boundaries: furthest point South is Vreeland Road, furthest point North is Northline Road, furthest point West is Telegraph Road, and furthest point East is Jefferson Avenue.
Astronomers have found the furthest galaxy ever discovered 13 billion light years away using a Hubble telescope.
They plan to set a new benchmark for the furthest distance ever danced by a couple.
Going into FA Cup secondround day, Luton are favourites with Blue Square Bet to be the furthest progressing side from outside the elite 92 in the competition and the Hatters will be expected to beat Dorchester.
All teachers want a way to inspire and challenge those students who are furthest ahead, provide targeted help and assistance to those furthest behind, and engage fully and effectively with the students in the middle.
Dubai Insiders have warned Furthest Land's Dubai World Cup rivals that the Group 1 Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile champion has taken to Meydan's artificial Tapeta surface like a duck to water.
Event organiser, councillor Fraser Macpherson, said: "The furthest any balloon travelled in the past was to Norway and Adam's balloon has, in fact, travelled the furthest of any balloon in our various races over the years.
Solstice is defined as either of the two time of the year at which the sum is furthest north or south of the equator.