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A team was dispatched to the location where they witnessed the suspect furtively making his way under the truck and digging out four bags containing the narcotics.
On the last day of the trip, one of the waiters in the main dining room approached my brother-in-law shyly and furtively.
A MAN who acted furtively when spotted by police officers was carrying illegal drugs valued at more than PS3,000 a court heard.
I think it's far more widespread than anyone knows because people are doing this furtively," News.
While somewhere lurking in here is a traditional love story, of the type Serena herself furtively enjoys, the main thrust of Sweet Tooth is about trust, language and words.
The gang turned up in a low-loader van outside the Midland home of Tariq Khan, furtively looked up and down the street, then strolled up his drive and snatched the scooter.
Another official at the fire site Ibrahim al-Tarrah, who is chief of security operations in the al-Jahra municipality, told reporters that early investigation into the causes of the fire indicated that according to eyewitnesses a number of blue collar workers were seen leaving furtively the site of the fire, moments before it broke out.
Some services are already furtively being listed as not necessary on the grounds of being either "cosmetic" or "ineffective".
Dancer Hallie Odom furtively peeks at the other customers, then sinks back into her own world.
EMMERDALE (ITV1) When David spots Victoria talking furtively on her mobile phone he thinks she must be up to something and follows her.
It then furtively pushed the target year back to 2012.
In the absence of evidence to the contrary, I might be inclined to think that the good doctor was furtively using his position do lay the foundations of new career in politics.