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Hajou said: "Inherent among the gentle strokes and original colouring of the paintings, are tales of beauty and love, fear and solitude, forgiveness and understanding, anxiety and furtiveness, freedom and dependence.
Some of these inch around with an insectoid furtiveness close to the floor, while others, more vertically oriented, respond to viewers' footsteps like ultrasensitive antennae.
The clerk, feigning furtiveness, would reach under the counter and produce The Tropic of Capricorn or Max and the White Phagocytes.
3) Although they could be seen as emanations of the sleeping and dreaming mind here, their behavior is wholly independent of the adults: their playful furtiveness instead suggests autonomous creatures that are free only when the house is asleep.
If you're wondering why an antispyware publisher would offer its product not only without an evaluation time limit but at no cost, consider this: If users like the free product, they are apt to pay for the upgraded personal version; in some instances, they will recommend that their employers buy the much more expensive enterprise edition for the whole company So, ironically, they too use software as a marketing tool--but without malicious furtiveness.
The metaphor strengthens because of the secrecy and furtiveness of encounters in academia.
This image of visits en cachette resonates with the twentieth-century American image of the closet, with its connotations of hidden passion and furtiveness.
So clutching our bottles of Heineken with the furtiveness of fifth formers smuggling cider on to the school trip bus, we joined the melee.
22) There are, she notes, many additional ideas, positive and negative, that have become entwined with the idea of secrecy; among them are "the concepts of sacredness, intimacy, privacy, silence, prohibition, furtiveness, and deception.
After years of furtiveness and hopelessness, not even in his wildest dreams could he ever have believed the day would come when he'd be able to laugh, hold hands and joke publicly with the woman he loves.
Among the more resonant memories of boyhood was its furtiveness, the rich ardor of its conflicts and the monumental importance given to small triumphs and frustrations.
That if he can have a moment of sensual pleasure, in his furtiveness, then I can zone away the world for a while" (qtd.