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More particularly, however, I would argue that in the degree to which Much Ado deflects even as it glances at the various literary productions that are its nutrients, it mirrors in this relationship a more significant furtiveness and ambivalence that mark its representation of character, of politics and power, and, indeed, of representation itself.
It's disturbing to think that a manager would resort to such furtiveness rather than utilize the city's established formal complaint procedure for employees who have concerns about managers.
His subsequent behavior, which involves more cocaine, prostitutes and furtiveness than usual, is seen by both those who love and despise him as typical Ivan, turbo-boosted by success.
More than honest, it's the image of a major artist courageously butting her head against the furtiveness and sadism of Stalinist and post-Stalinist bureaucracy.
Before analysing this passage, it can be observed that, if in the first entry of this diary `open' furtiveness is declared to be the mark of change and adulthood, in the September tenth entry textual silence, represented by the seven-day gap, is tentatively defined as the sign of change: `Many days have passed; I have written nothing.
The second thing was the furtiveness with which my inquiries were met.
If there was ever an artist who believed that an hour of valor was better than a lifetime of furtiveness and cringe, it was Szyk.
Holmes noted that he "kept goading Jack to characterize this new attitude," and that Kerouac called it "a sort of furtiveness .
But the document helps one imagine a life in which furtiveness was a necessary response to the continual possibility of discovery or betrayal.
The Civil War and World War I had already infused a furtiveness into the American mind.
Nature is "she" because nature conceals, "hiding and hiding the hammock" from view; it conspires with the woman by abetting her purportedly inborn propensity for furtiveness, repeating and expressing the tendency of the female to wrap herself up in exfoliating and self-occluding self-extensions.