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uf rolled on the ground, both horse and man equally stunned by the fury of the blow.
Thus, then, full of fury against the Trojans, did he don the gift of the god, the armour that Vulcan had made him.
Quasimodo was deaf but his sight was clear, and the public fury was no less energetically depicted on their visages than in their words.
The fury which had contracted it was followed by a strange smile full of ineffable sweetness, gentleness, and tenderness.
Then Milady attempted to tear down the doorcase, with a strength apparently above that of a woman; but finding she could not accomplish this, she in her fury stabbed at the door with her poniard, the point of which repeatedly glittered through the wood.
They eyed me with malignant fury, yet withal there was a touch of respect in their demeanour.
All that can be said is, it was such that he again raised himself in his stirrups, and, grasping his sword more firmly with both hands, he came down on the Biscayan with such fury, smiting him full over the cushion and over the head, that- even so good a shield proving useless- as if a mountain had fallen on him, he began to bleed from nose, mouth, and ears, reeling as if about to fall backwards from his mule, as no doubt he would have done had he not flung his arms about its neck; at the same time, however, he slipped his feet out of the stirrups and then unclasped his arms, and the mule, taking fright at the terrible blow, made off across the plain, and with a few plunges flung its master to the ground.
When you have them in their apartments -- which are constructed with a view to denying them that power -- you can say and do what you like; for they are then wholly impotent for mischief, and will not remember a few minutes hence the incident for which they may be at this moment threatening you with death, nor the promises which you may have found it necessary to make in order to pacify their fury.
If victorious, Bellew would be open to the possibility of fighting Manchester's former heavyweight world champion Fury, with the two men regularly going back and forth with each other on social media.
The British Boxing Board of Control suspended Fury in 2016 for drug and medical issues, amid a separate UK Anti-Doping investigation.
Fury is free to resume boxing after a compromise on his positive test for the banned steroid nandrolone was reached with UK Anti-Doping, resulting in a two-year ban which has been backdated to December 2015.
The 29-year-old can return to the ring after he and cousin Hughie Fury accepted a two-year backdated ban for failing a drugs test for a steroid in 2015.