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US 8,211,409 B2--a whitening oral care composition comprising fused silica and an oxidizing agent;
Gum remover and/or dry ice may also need to be applied to the area being fused, to speed up the freezing process.
Based on a presentation at the 48th Annual Investment Casting Institute Technical Meeting & Exhibition held October 16-19 in Dallas, this article discusses testing performed to analyze and compare the performance characteristics of fused silica and alumino-silicate refractories.
5 The second fused cell grows into a second embryo with same genes as the original fetal cell.
The miniature circuit breaker has a slow trip speed so it is a drop-in replacement for fused terminal blocks using slow-blow fuses.
Syncytia, which can consist of thousands of cells fused together, crawl by extending a footlike growth that may be as large as a hundred cells.
[USPRwire, Tue May 21 2019] Description: With the rise in Global Fused Tap Coupler Market, the need for niche Market has grown by a staggering rate.