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Specimen A was a fused silica slurry with fused silica 30/50 stucco, Specimen B was an alumino-silicate slurry with an aluminosilicate 16/30 stucco and specimen C was a fused silica slurry with an alumino-silicate 16/30 stucco.
In this test, the differences between specimens A and B were not statistically significant, except for the normalized fracture index in which the fused silica shell had the edge.
For more information about AVX's TBW Series Tantalum Fused Capacitors, contact AVX Sales and Marketing at 801 17th Avenue South, Myrtle Beach, S.
FS-Virtual Agent(TM) rounds out a suite of services and technology available from Fused Solutions, which currently includes the following solution elements:
As a subsidiary of 100 year-old Nicholville Telephone Company, the origins of Fused Solutions stem from its affiliate ISP, Slic.
The agreement includes GE's fused imaging systems, Discovery(TM) LS and Discovery(TM) VI, and GE's sophisticated Advance(TM) NXi PET system.
Dynasil Corporation of America (OTCBB:DYSL), manufacturer of synthetic fused silica for the semi-conductor, laser, space, and optical components industries announced following their annual shareholders meeting that they expect to post record revenues and earnings for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2001.
FONS Corporation, a leading provider of fiber optic components and interconnect solutions, has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include a broad line of fused components, including wideband couplers, splitters, taps, coarse WDMs and gain flattening filters.
While it is our hope that American forces do not come under attack, based on extensive testing against many types of proximity fused weapons, we have confidence in the ability of the Shortstop system to defeat an attack thus deterring that possibility," Gust added.