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Au moins quatre personnes ont ete tuees et plusieurs autres blessees dans une fusillade qui a eu lieu lundi a l'interieur du centre administratif de la marine americaine a Washington, rapportent les medias americains, citant un porte-parole de l'US Navy.
It has no choice but to answer a fusillade of uncomfortable questions before it can have its way on the food security bill.
Dans des incidents separes, un couple a ete abattu dans sa voiture et deux villageois musulmans ont ete tues lors d'une fusillade visant un salon de the.
Periodically, the cough blasts out an unexpected fusillade, at other times I can feel the salvo building before it lets rip.
Within minutes of the first radio announcement, a fusillade broke out from the Arab quarter here in Beirut.
Another 6 MI-24s, nearly 100 T-72 tanks, 80 fusillade systems, 120 armored machines, several thousands of automatic guns, machine guns, shells and others will be listed for sale by the end of the year.
Ionising radiation is like a fusillade of miniature bullets hitting the body or miniature bombs that explode within cells.
Art undoubtedly adds to the quality of our lives - yet it is increasingly likely to fall victim to the first fusillade of spending cuts, whenever funding is tight.
Despite desperate efforts to hold up the advance, the German onrush continued with unabated fury, the air being filled with the reverberating roar of bursting shells and a murderous fusillade of machine-gun bullets.
The US unleashed a unusually brusque diplomatic fusillade at Syria, with Susan E.
The American company has faced an unprecedented fusillade of pleas from Ceop, police chiefs, politicians, charities and campaign groups who support its use.
And a fresh fusillade of economic brickbats from all sides looks all but inevitable as the race for Downing Street hots up.