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and Gondy, in surplice and cloak, appeared, moving tranquilly in the midst of the fusillade and bestowing his benedictions to the right and left, as undisturbed as if he were leading a procession of the Fete Dieu.
The fusillade continued; but the four friends were out of reach, and the Rochellais only fired to appease their consciences.
Virginia was positive that her fusillade had frightened them into a hasty retreat, but again Sing discouraged any such idea when he pointed to the fact that another instant would have carried the prahu close to the Ithaca's side and out of the machine gun's radius of action.
Tarzan took advantage of the deafening roar of this fusillade to fire into the mob beneath him.
Jerry was excited and delighted with the fusillade, and added his puppy yelpings to the noise.
The fusillade they let loose on Saxtorph was tremendous.
Here the squaws came to his aid, and White Fang, transformed into a raging demon, was finally driven off only by a fusillade of stones.
In the afternoon Smoke and Henderson fell foul of each other, and a fusillade of shots came up from the steerage, followed by a stampede of the other four hunters for the deck.
The "pitchfork senator" stood their fusillade of questions for about an hour, and then went home in disgust, and the balance of the meeting was a strictly party affair.
A pistol cracked from the shoal, a second, and a third; then a regular fusillade began.
Down went the Galu and Kro-lu warriors like tenpins before that deadly fusillade.
Au moins 305 personnes ont ete tuees, dont 27 enfants et 128 autres blessees dans une explosion suivie d'une fusillade dans une mosquee du nord du Sinai egyptien, selon un bilan annonce par la television d'Eetat.